Fairtrade Colombia Planadas  - Cofinet
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Fairtrade Colombia Planadas - Cofinet

In 2018 we started working with Cofinet, purchasing some delicious Colombian coffees to run as single origins through our cafe and also adding their Colombian ASOPEP into one of our Fairtrade blends.

Cofinet are a Colombian-owned and operated green coffee exporter specialising in specialty lots of natural and fermentation processed coffees. Many of these coffees are very high value and so Fairtrade is not typically a useful programme for the farmers of these coffees. But Cofinet also export coffee from a growing cooperative in Planadas known as ASOPEP. The ASOPEP co-operative are registered with Fairtrade and we wanted to buy some of their coffee for one of our blends. But in order to ensure the Fairtrade system was being honoured, we needed Cofinet (the importer/ exporter) to also register with Fairtrade and pay levies locally in NZ to complete our supply chain traceability.

Cofinet agreed to work with us and Fairtrade AUS/ NZ to register and allow us to ensure a complete Fairtrade supply chain for our Epiphany and Verde blends.