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Coffee Roasting

Roasting at Prima is a hands-on process that brings together years of experience to produce consistently excellent coffee. Prima coffee is roasted in our lovely big green Petroncini roaster in individual batches which are carefully monitored throughout the roast.  Our roasters make adjustments as required throughout the roasting process before picking the perfect point to drop the beans from the roaster. A combination of high-quality equipment, roasting experience and an understanding of the of art and science of roasting excellence ensures consistency and great flavour in all our coffees.  

When roasting for espresso we roast to obtain the optimal balance between enhancing the flavours inherent in the beans and those developed through the roasting process. This makes for an espresso to please the purists while still being able to explore a variety of different flavours (floral; citrus; nutty; chocolate; ripe fruits) depending on the blend or origin. Origin roasting is focused around exploring the special characteristics of a particular bean; generally to be brewed through a pour-over/soft brew method. These roasts enable us to explore the endless variety of coffee beans and processes from around the world and to then share these with you, our customers.  

Cupping for quality control, blend development and fun is a regular and vital part of the Prima process and everyone who works here (or wanders in for a coffee) partakes. Much of the cupping roasting is done on our small one-kilo roaster which serves as sample roaster, roast profile experimenter and roaster for a rotating cast of single-origin coffees. 

The roasting team are involved throughout each stage of production at Prima: from bean selection and cupping through to blend development and quality control all the way to packing coffee for dispatch and pulling shots in our cafe. This level of involvement and breadth of knowledge makes Prima a versatile, agile roastery able to accommodate classic espresso requirements as well as incorporate industry innovations.