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Designed to partner perfectly with the ROK Espresso Machine, the ROK Coffee Grinder is one of the most effective manual grinders on the market.

The experts say fresh ground coffee get the best results – from bean to cup in less than a minute, and the only way to make that happen is to grind fresh on the spot.

The look and feel of this premium hand grinder is the same as the ROK, with the same high quality of design and engineering and the same 10 year guarantee on all metal parts.

Of course you don’t need to own a ROK machine to enjoy the ROK grinder – it makes a great grind for any type of coffee maker, from Aeropress to a Nanopresso and everything in between.

Being able to grind using hand power means you have complete control over the process – simply choose how fine you want your grind to be, and start turning the handle.

The ROK grinder comes with precision settings and an adjustment wheel with 12 numbers. So you can go from coarse to fine, suitable for everything from French Press to Cold Brew, Drip Filter, Turkish and Espresso.

An investment in a ROK grinder takes you another step closer to mastering the art of making the perfectly crafted coffee.