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ROK Espresso Maker


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The ROK Espresso Maker is a tool for the artisan, hands on espresso with ultimate simplicity. No power, super affordable, easy to clean and makes really good espresso.

This product has been well tested by one of our roasters Colin who is a hands on kinda guy and uses the ROK for his espresso at home.

So beautifully designed you’ll love having it on display in your kitchen (or your campsite), so robustly made you know it will last a lifetime, and the environmental polar opposite of a pod machine.

Made from high quality die cast aluminium and protected with a 10 year guarantee.

All you need to make that perfect cup is your favorite beans to grind fresh on the spot with the ROK grinder, and your chosen source of hot water – billy on the fire, gas burner, thermette or electric water heating if you have a source of power handy.