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Osaka Wood Series Pour Over Station
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Osaka Pour Over Caraffe – Leather


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Premium Pour Over Drip Carafe


Double layered stainless steel filter – Our unique double layered technique allows you to experience the best-tasting coffee. The filter employs a mesh layer with an additional laser-cut filter outside, this allows the oils to pass through easily but keeps any coffee grinds out. The result will be the best-tasting, clearest cup of pour over coffee you have ever had.

Cork lid

The lid completely covers the opening of the carafe and helps keep the heat in. Made from durable, quality cork it will prevent accidental spills. Please Note: the cork should not be immersed in water, but can be washed with lukewarm water.

Borosilicate glass carafe

The carafe is made from borosilicate glass, which is resistant to thermal shock, it also does not absorb any odors, chemicals or residue. Giving you a fresh tasting coffee every time you brew. The carafe has a 1.1 Liter capacity.

Premium Leather Collar

The genuine leather collar allows you to pour while the coffee is still hot, and can be removed easily to clean.