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Indonesian Kokowagayo – Women Only Cooperative

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Origin of Interest: Indonesia, Sumatra, Kokowagayo Fairtrade Organic

At Prima we really enjoy trying different coffees and sharing the results with our wide circle of coffee compadres. Different beans, different roasting profiles and different brewing methods make for an exciting variety of coffee drinking experiences.  For something a bit special and different Prima has obtained some of this delicious coffee from the all women cooperative, Kokowagayo in Sumatra.

Fairtrade and Organic certified, this coffee is big and bold in classic Indonesian style. We like to incorporate Indonesian coffees in our espresso blends for this reason. But this coffee, in addition to having that big earthy body, is clean and balanced making it an really enjoyable and unique option for filter and soft brew.

Kokowagayo Cooperative was formed in 2014 by Mrs. Rizkani and other women who were previously members of Permata Gayo Cooperative.
Mrs. Rizkani was driven by the lack of participation of the woman growers to voice their opinions due to cultural respect and courtesy which was expected towards their husbands, fathers, and other men who were present in key meetings.
Her concerns led to support from all members to form other cooperative only for woman. At the beginning, 470 woman members from Permata Gayo Cooperative joined to a new cooperative named Kokowagayo ( Gayo Women Cooperative Coffee).
This is also the First all Women Coffee Cooperative of Asia.


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