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Colombia – Julio Cortez Fermented Natural


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Origin of Interest: Julio Cortez Fermented Natural Process Caturra coffee from Colombia.

At Prima we really enjoy trying different coffees and sharing the results with our wide circle of coffee compadres. Different beans, different roasting profiles and different brewing methods make for an exciting variety of coffee drinking experiences.  We’ve previously featured Natural and Honey process coffees from Diofanor Ruiz which were both exceptional. This coffee comes from Julio Cortez who just happens to be Diofanors neighbour in Colombia.

One of the things that makes this coffee special is the relatively new fermentation approach to processing. The ripest cherries are floated and fermented for 18 hours with the pulp on before being dried on raised beds. This approach brings out unique flavours. Juicy and sweet with good body, this makes for a special cup of coffee when using your preferred filter method.

This delicious offering from Colombia is currently available from our roastery in both brewed and bean form as well as from our website.


200g, 500g, 1kg


Beans, Plunger, Filter, Espresso