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Colombian – Black Honey


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OUT OF STOCK – We have a great new natural processed coffee from Diofanor Ruiz that may be even better – check it out here

Origin of Interest: Diofanor Ruiz Castillo Black Honey coffee from Colombia.

At Prima we really enjoy trying different coffees and sharing the results with our wide circle of coffee compadres. Different beans, different roasting profiles and different brewing methods make for an exciting variety of coffee drinking experiences.  For something a bit special Prima has obtained some of this delicious honey-processed coffee from Colombia. The process brings out flavours of molasses, roast almond and ripe orange citrus with a touch of spice. Combining this with a velvety mouthfeel and good body makes for a special cup of coffee when using your preferred filter method. We’ve also been using it in our espresso machine and really enjoyed the body and dark sweetness balanced by just enough bitter and citrus to make a rounded, satisfying espresso.

This delicious offering from Colombia is currently available from our roastery in both brewed and bean form as well as from our website (beans only – we haven’t sussed sending loaded Aeropresses through the mail yet!).

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