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Ceado E37K


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E37K – Matte Black

ø 71 Conical burrs

A new, cutting-edge experience of conical grinding. The customised conical burrs, in combination with the performance of the motor, guarantee uniform, precise coffee dosing with an output never seen before in on-demand models.

The Quick Set Gear mechanism, specially designed for E37K, lets you adjust the grind consistency with conical burrs.

The brand-new touchscreen display enhances the elegant design of the E37 family. There are no more buttons to press: with a simple touch, you can get where you need to be, naturally and instantly.

The innovative mechanical suspension of the motor and the soundproofing make Ceado coffee grinders the quietest on the market.

Quiet, efficient and easy to clean thanks to safety system with the removable magnetic grid and no screws.


Voltage 220-240 V • 50-60 hz
Power 850 W
Net weight 18.5 kg
Gross weight 20.5 kg
Dimensions 212x309x655h mm
Burrs Conical ø 71
Hopper capacity 1600 g
RPM 50Hz/60Hz 360/290
Average output (g/s) 5,5 (50hz) / 4,5 (60hz)