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Brazil Natural – Yellow Catuai


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A Brazilian naturally processed Yellow Catuai bean from Fazenda Fortazela grown by Augusto Borges Ferreira sourced through the 3Brothers/Cofinet collaboration.

This coffee is one of the special lots we absolutely love experimenting with, drinking the results and then sharing. Flavours with this Brazilian as a filter or pour-over are a toffee, caramel sweetness along with orange and a hint of vanilla. For a natural, the body is not too overwhelming with a nice balance between heft and lightness which is reflected in a smooth, lingering but not syrupy mouthfeel.

As an espresso, the shot emphasises the dark sweetness (tending to molasses) without sacrificing all the citrus flavours, making for a satisfying espresso from a single origin.

When brewed cold, the vanilla and caramel combine into almost a Mackintoshes toffee flavour while the orange arrives to balance out a typically smooth but pleasingly complex cold brew experience.

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