At the Red and Orange traffic light settings, Prima would not be able to effectively open without following vaccine pass requirements. So to ensure we can continue to operate and for the safety of our staff and community we have decided to use the vaccine passport system. We ask that you please be patient and kind with each other and especially with our wonderful staff as they have to manage many challenges adjusting to this new system.

From the 3rd of December at Prima:

• Everyone over the age of 12 years and 3 months will be required to present a verifiable My Vaccine Pass. Please line up to do this at the counter on arrival, even if you are not ordering.

• Under Orange, all capacity and distancing requirements will be removed. Under Red, 1m distancing is required.

• Under Orange, visitors are encouraged to wear face-masks, but they are not mandatory. Under Red, masks are required on entry (unless you have an exepmtion) and can be removed while seated/eating/drinking.

• You must sign-in using the Covid tracer app or our paper contact-tracing system on arrival.

• All staff will meet the vaccination requirements of the Covid Protection Framework and will continue to wear face coverings when customer-facing. Note that one of our team has a health related mask exemption - please be kind.

We recognise that this will mean some of our customers won’t be able to come into our space for a coffee. We’re sorry for that and we’ll miss you. To help minimise that inconvenience we plan to set up a contactless option for some key products. This may take a few days to get set up but keep an eye out.

If you have any questions, please contact us at